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Welcome to Derbyshire

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Derbyshire is in central England, and has a varied landscape, ranging from the Trent Valley and National Forest in the south, up to the Peak District in the north and west.

Derby is the county's largest settlement and has been a city since 1977. It is home to aero-engine makers Rolls-Royce, and is also a hub for railway development. It is run by a unitary authority, separately from the rest of the county.

The county-town (seat of government) for the rest of Derbyshire is Matlock, situated roughly in the centre of the county.

Chesterfield, in the north east of the county is the county's second largest settlement, well known for its church with the crooked spire, and some former mining communities.

The Peak District National Park in the north-west of Derbyshire (as well as small parts of some neighbouring counties) is a popular tourist attraction, being on the doorstep of a number of major cities, including Manchester and Sheffield.

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