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What's happening in Derbyshire?

Families (1)
Something for the whole family - young and old!
Prayer (12)
Prayer and intercession
Worship (3)
Opportunities to worship God
Bible Study & Theology (1)
Digging deeper in God's Word
The Arts (1)
Concerts, musicals, dramatics etc.
Social & Entertainment (3)
Relax with others or maybe do something more exerting!
Fundraising (1)
Raising money for charity and good causes
Pentecost (3)
Celebrating the coming of the Holy Spirit and the birth of the Church
Information (1)
Exhibitions and presentations - find out more about a subject or group
Training (2)
Conferences and courses
Quiet Days & Reflection (3)
Opportunities for time out with God
Residential (5)
Events including overnight stay(s)
Leaders (2)
Aimed at church leaders
UK Wide (1)
UK wide events and tours coming to the area









Please note most event descriptions are based on information provided by the organiser; no guarantee of accuracy is given and details may be subject to change without notice. Check with event organiser if possible before attending.

Promotion of an event does not imply endorsement by Derby Church Net.