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Updating and Adding Information

It is a constant task to keep the details held in our database up to date. People come and go; new groups start and old ones close.

Once a year, all groups listed are reminded to update their details, in time for the next issue of the directory. But changes can be sent in at any time, to be reflected online as soon as possible.

Ideally all information should come directly from an officer in the group concerned. We need to confirm that information comes from a reliable source before we can update our records.

Adding a New Congregation or Organisation

  1. If you are not part of the organisation itself, tell the leader of that group. It is best if the information comes directly from the group itself.
  2. Check whether your organisation is already listed. Search online, or see the Derby Church Net Derbyshire Directory.
  3. Check the criteria for inclusion. We can only include groups that meet these criteria.
  4. Contact us with details of your group, including names of references if appropriate.
  5. The details will be passed to our editorial team for checking.
  6. Once any queries have been dealt with, and it has been passed by the team, an entry will be added to the database.
  7. The website is updated regularly, and the group will appear in the next issue of the directory, which is published each autumn.

Updating an Existing Entry

Information should, where possible, be updated through our user area by an officer within the group concerned. Most organisations have a user account allocated to an officer for this purpose.

If you don't have a user account, but have information to send through, please contact us.

Groups that have Closed

If your group has ceased to operate, please contact us so we can remove details from the database. We will need a way of verifying that the group has closed.

Any organisation may be removed at the editor's discretion if they cannot be contacted, appears to have closed, no longer meets the criteria for inclusion, or for any other reason without notice. Portions of entries including personal information may similarly be removed without notice for any reason.