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Using 'Find a Church'

How to Search the database

Simply enter the name of the group (or part of it) and/or the post code area you are interested in and click search. This will search for congregations and other Christian groups.

Once you have searched you will be given a list of matching results. If you don't find what you are looking for, you can refine your search criteria using the form on the left.

Click the name of the group for more details.

Advanced Search

If you want to be more specific, click 'Show Advanced Options', and you can look for specific service times (congregations only), denomination, groups with websites, and a particular type of group.

  • Name: Enter as much or as little as you know. Try removing words such as 'The' to get more results.
  • Address: We have details for most groups and it can pick up most simple searches like a street name or a town.
  • Post Code: Select from the list of codes that cover Derbyshire.
  • Service Times: Choose a day to include this in your search, and then select the start time you require.
  • Denomination: By default this is not searched, but you may choose from the list to narrow results.
  • Website: If you want to specifically look for groups with a site, select the option.
  • Type of Group: We list other Christian groups besides congregations. Select as required. Other groups are shown in the results in a darker colour.

Key to Facilities:

Full disabled access
Partial disabled access - please check for precise details
Disabled toilet available
Hearing loop available
Large print hymn books and/or service sheets available
This church uses projection equipment (either digital or OHP)

If you are not sure about the disabled facilities available, please contact the group to discuss your needs.

Getting in Touch

Most entries list one or more contacts, either for the group as a whole or officer(s) within it.

Email: We do not publish email addresses from the database for security and spam prevention reasons. Please use the form provided. Note you will need to login to your email to finalise the sending process. Please do not use this system to send confidential information. At the recipient's discretion they may provide you with further contact details for further discussion or sending of attachments.

This system is designed for personal use only, and must not be used for marketing or spam.

Location and Maps

Map information should only be considered approximate. Use in conjunction with address information to find a place.

Why is there a security warning on pages with Google Maps?

If you are signed into your Google account, it will attempt to download the map using a secure connection. This may produce a warning on some browsers due to your security settings. To continue simple click OK and the map should appear. If you click Cancel the page may not load correctly.

Other Nearby Congregations

No congregation exists in isolation - use this handy guide to see what other Christian activity is happening in the area (subject to address details being available in the database). This does not include groups over the border in neighbouring counties.

External Websites

Derby Church Net is not responsible for the content of external sites. Please read our disclaimer for more information.

Accuracy of Information

Keeping the database up to date is a major task, and whilst we endeavour to provide accurate information, this cannot be guaranteed. If correct details are crucial (e.g. if travelling a distance), please confirm before relying on it. Please read our disclaimer for more information.

If you spot incorrect information, please contact us. Ideally updates should come from an officer within the organisation concerned.