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Welcoming the Stranger

Summit held on migrant crisis

With the migrant crisis across Europe and the Middle East continuing, the Bishop of Derby has hosted a summit to discuss the local response.

Delegates at the event in Derby Cathedral on 2nd October heard from a range of speakers, including The Rt Revd Dr Alastair Redfern, Pauline Latham OBE MP, Margaret Beckett MP, Council representatives and the Red Cross.

The event sought to inform delegates about the national picture, what is happening in Derby and how the public can offer practical support.

Questions asked at the summit included:

  • Should we encourage all of us to be willing to pay higher taxes or find other forms for making organised contributions?
  • Should we be proactive in building alliances between compassion and agencies who can provide practical care and nourishment to ensure restoration of full health and security?
  • How can Local Government and other statutory and voluntary agencies be commissioned and resourced to play their part?

Bishop Alastair said, “Churches and all people of goodwill support the outpouring of compassion and concern for so many of our brothers and sisters, who are being forced into desperate migration by violence, conflict and poverty.

Many human hearts instinctively desire to seek that vital first step -reaching out in support and solidarity especially in view of graphic images recently on our screens.

“ But, as our Prime Minister and others try to make clear, this first step can only have effective value for those in such terrible need if it is followed by a second step - more tangible signs of security and hope to take people out of the immediate crisis into a better place. The complexities of offering this second step are enormous - politically, socially and spiritually.”


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From Derbyshire Church, Issue 167
Bishop Alastair and other speakers at the summit
Bishop Alastair and other speakers at the summit
(Source: Diocese of Derby -

Delegates at the summit
Delegates at the summit
(Source: Diocese of Derby -

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