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Bishop at the Vatican

Anti-slavery campaigning continues

As part of the Bishop of Derby’s modern slavery work, Bishop Alastair has been involved in developing an international partnership between all the sectors to tackle this crime.

Since Pope Francis issued the Encyclical Laudato Si, which links the relationship between climate change and modern slavery, there have been a series of meetings including the joint declaration of religious leaders in 2014 and a Strategic Planning Session at Lambeth Palace to raise awareness of human trafficking and modern slavery at an international level.

Building on this support, Bishop Alastair co-hosted a meeting at the Vatican for global sector leaders with the Pope’s representative Bishop Marcelo Sanchez Sorondo. There were presentations from significant leaders in business, the media and government figures from across the world to discuss their work and commitment to ending slavery.

Bishop Alastair met with a slavery survivor Rani Hong who has set up the Trounie Foundation to end trafficking and slavery. Rani was trafficked into slavery in India as a child but due to ill health was sold for illegal adoption in America.


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