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On a hill not so far away

Easter marked across Derbyshire

After the Good Friday walk of witness in Ashbourne this year, the call went out that local photographer Rod Kirkpatrick of F stop Press wanted to take the cross up to the summit of Thorpe Cloud at Dove Dale, for national newspapers. So Mark Lewis, and a small group of dog walkers took to the climb so he could get the shots. As well as making it into a number of publications, they were able to witness to those out enjoying the countryside.

As Mark explained: “Our arrival at the summit we somewhat surprised the 50 or so people there, but it was a poignant reminder on that sunny afternoon of what Easter was about on the original Good Friday. At the summit a number of us gathered and prayed briefly around the cross before returning to the car park.”

And some other things we heard about that happened over this Easter...


As well as the usual walk of witness in the town (and the trip by some to Dove Dale, see above), a group used the unusual idea of cross-stitch to spread the message of Easter. Each day during Holy Week a new banner was added to the railings. By Easter Day, the Gospel was on the street.

As organiser Fiona Green said, 'We all wanted to put our story into the public space. Everyone who stitched a banner is proclaiming the Gospel through their work.'


Christians in Swadlincote had a very successful Good Friday witness in the town centre, which culminated in a cross covered in beautiful daffodils. They will be out on the streets again at Pentecost when they will have a stand at the local Transport Festival, with a theme of ‘The Journey of Life’.

Long Eaton

On Good Friday around 40 Christians and ministers from the Churches of Long Eaton came together for an ecumenical Service at Trinity Methodist Church. This was followed by a Walk of Faith through the town to mark the true meaning of Good Friday. An annual event, it was organised by the Long Eaton Churches Fellowship.


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From Derbyshire Church, Issue 173
Thorpe Cloud
Thorpe Cloud
(Source: Rod Kirkpatrick/F stop Press)

Ashbourne cross-stitch
Ashbourne cross-stitch
(Source: Stuart Green)

Swadlincote witness
Swadlincote witness

Long Eaton walk of faith
Long Eaton walk of faith
(Source: Peter Lindahl)

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