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Back to his Missionary Roots

Graham's gone back from Derbyshire to Africa

The idea became a reality in October 2015. It was my last day at work with Valley CIDS. Three days later, my wife Steph finished work as a community nurse and we were unemployed. Now we were dependant on God to provide for us. A few weeks later we were getting off the plane in Zambia to start a new life as missionaries. For me, this was coming back to my roots to live amongst the tribe where I was born into a missionary family, across the border in DRC. For Steph it was a completely new start. A few of our friends told us that we were completely mad, and perhaps we were!

So here we are, and we are loving it! Steph is learning a whole new facet of nursing in a little clinic on the edge of the world where everyday treatment is the difference between life and death. I am getting involved in the local school, and the out lying villages, in a community where most children get no education at all. We are learning to live a much simpler life, and daily thanking God for the miracle of his provision. Each day we are learning a little Lunda, the local language.

There has never been a time when there have been more opportunities to make a difference in the world, and it is great to see young people grasping those opportunities, but those opportunities are there for us older ones too. God has a purpose and a destiny for us all.


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